Using hi-tech tools to entrain brainwave states for meditation is perhaps the best use of today’s technology.  Research has shown that even twenty (20) minutes a day of a quiet meditative state of consciousness enhances a person physically, emotionally and mentally.   Persons who do meditate on a daily basis know the benefits they personally receive, and few are willing to deprive themselves of this special time, even when distractions seem to  call them elsewhere.  More info …


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Brain mapping research studies have shown different states of consciousness to be associated with different brainwave patterns.  Studies here at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research have shown clear and repeated evidence that there are brainwave states lower than Delta associated with ecstatic states of consciousness, which Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. named Epsilon brainwaves.   

Brainwave states higher than Beta have also been observed by Dr. Thompson and various other brain research institutes / university neuroscience departments.  These states have been called Gamma and Higher Gamma or HyperGamma.  The highest known brain state which seems to form an infinite loop with Delta, Dr. Thompson has named "Lambda."   Each of these brain states are associated with various types of extraordinary functions of the brain – They are Ecstatic States of Consciousness.  

Brainwaves forming a distinct pattern, called the Awakened Mind Pattern, have also been observed in studies of deeply meditating yogi, well documented by C. Maxwell Cade, a British researcher and Zen master.  This state is an extraordinary state of consciousness, also.  

Dr. Thompson has precisely transcribed the above five brain states into multi-layered acoustic frequencies.   As such, each is a tremendous aid in helping the listener to entrain him/herself into a high and ecstatic state of consciousness.  It is using hi-tech tools to help move us toward our highest goal or purpose.   They maximize our meditative efforts and enrich our lives in so many ways.

Join us in what is truly Scientific Hi-Tech Meditation.

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