Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to your CDs any place?
It is generally recommended that one not listen to compositions which contain binaural entrainment while driving or using machinery or equipment.   Otherwise, you may enjoy them when and where as you like.

What is the difference between Brain Entrainment and Synchronization?Brainwave entrainment is a principle of physics whereby your brainwaves time themselves to the most predominant sound frequency or pulse to which it is currently exposed.  Dr. Thompson has several Articles on this site for further explanation of Brainwave Entrainment. 

Brain Hemisphere Synchronization is a principle in neurophysiology which occurs when the hemispheres of your brain are functioning in perfect rhythm with one another.   This is the “Aha” moment, the “Eureka,” the “Epiphany” of something great.   Again, Dr. Thompson has several Articles on this site which clarifies Brain Hemisphere Synchronization more. 

Does one get Brainwave Synchronization when listening to your CDs?
Yes, brainwave synchronization is achieved when wearing headphones.   If you read some of the Testimonials shared with us, you will see many examples of brainwave synchronization.  Many contributors speak clearly of their moment of insight and awareness, of their moment of realization, their moment which brought about a significant change in their life, or the deep feeling of relaxation, peace, contentment, joy, love, etc.

If I do not use headphones, can I still benefit from your CDs?
Yes, definitely!  Great benefit comes when listening to any audio programs created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.  As background music, they form a relaxing and pleasant environment.   Greater benefit occurs, however, when you listen to the composition with good quality Headphones.   Even more benefit occurs if you listen to his CDs with headphones and the Dr. Jeff Light Glasses.   Maximum benefit is achieved when listening to his audio programs using Headphones, the Light Glasses, and one of his body support sound delivery structures, such as the Dr. Thompson Sound Table or Sound Chair.   When combining all three, you are then using your three (3) Primary Modes of Learning  <<Visual - Auditory - Kinesthetic>>  What you hear is what you feel, what you feel is what you see, and what you see is what you hear.   You become the Sound/Light/Sensation, as it were.  It’s a unique way to fully integrate your brain in a multi-dimensional way -- an awesome experience – truly wonderful and truly healing

When I go to bed and listen to Dr. Thompson’s music, must I wear headphones?
No, this is not necessary.   Hemispheric synchronization is not necessary for sleep.  It is helpful to place your stereo speakers on either side of your bed, however, to benefit from the 3-D stereo work of Dr. Thompson.   If this is not possible, then placing your player at the foot of your bed toward the middle of where you sleep is recommended. 

Do you have subliminal messages on your CDs?
No, there are no subliminal messages on any audio programs composed and produced by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.   His audio programs are gentle but powerful enough to accomplish their goal without subliminal programming!

Do you have words on any CDs?
Brainwave Journey
, a set of 4 CDs, has spoken words on it.   These CDs are the only CDs sold on this website at the present time which contain spoken words.  The words are in English and are formatted to reach the subconscious where healing and personal growth originate.  The conscious mind is generally not able to follow the words throughout the programs due to Dr. Thompson’s non-linear music.  This is good and as intended, for the conscious mind frequently puts up blocks to healing, exploration and true growth.

What exercises should I do to achieve the brainwave state noted on your CDs?
No physical or mental exercises are needed to achieve the brainwave state noted for any of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s audio programs.   The music itself will enhance your ability to attain the brainwave state of that audio program.  Open receptivity is an important key.   Simply make yourself comfortable, place your headphones and a light blanket on yourself, start your CD player and simply follow the music.  Let it take you where it will.   If working with a specific concern, you may begin the session with this foremost in your mind, then relax and let it go into your subconscious mind as a silent question or request.   Follow the music, unattached to your concern, and see/watch what happens.  You may well be surprised at what comes to you during or after the session, in a dream at night or as an insight during the day.

If I want to use your CDs for meditation, where do I start?
There are guidelines noted on the Meditation CD page, where recommended CDs are listed in order of use, top to bottom.

What CD would I use for ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, any learning problem, or any problem I might have?
Please visit the Sound Store under Compact Discs.  There you will find nine categories under which any condition might be included, though not specifically mentioned.  For example, for ADD and any learning problem or any desire to learn and retain your studies more, you would go to the Learning / Memory category.  All three (3) CDs noted will greatly assist you.  You may play the CDs in the background as you study, or for most benefit, you will want to wear headphones.   You may also wish to experience Bio-Tuning® to assist you in whatever way is needed for better health and personal transformation, including help for ADD and other concerns.

If I have a store, clinic, spa or private practice, may I order your CDs wholesale?
Yes, you may, once certain requirements of verification are satisfied.  Please e-mail us directly for information.

Do you have an Affiliate Program for your CDs?
Yes, we do.  Simply click on Sound Store and it will be your first option on the drop down menu. Complete the application and follow the instructions there.  We invite you to participate.   It is a great way to contribute to the healing of individuals and thus to the world in general. 



What is Bio-Tuning®?
Bio-tuning® and Bio-Tune are words coined by Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. during the 1980's to describe his well-researched and very comprehensive answer to a person’s body/heart/mind/spirit need for a life-giving, personal growth, peak performance program.  It is not just an experience, though it is that.  It is a personal gym – an Inner Gym accompanied by a Custom Trainer, fully attuned to your needs and capabilities!  This "all-in-one" program provides you with a convenient, fun, economical, and powerful way to achieve brain and nervous system balance for vibrant, productive, healthy living in two (2) Phases.  Phase I centers upon balancing your physical body (meridians, organs, the autonomic nervous system, etc), your emotional "body" through special additional testing procedures and your mental "body" where your basic belief systems reside - many of which are self defeating beliefs which need to be eliminated and replaced with new powerful, truthful, life affirming beliefs.  Phase II, built solidly upon the benefits and foundation of Phase I, stresses the higher states of consciousness, personal transformation and spiritual growth.   Bio-Tuning® is very individualized as it finds the specific frequency which brings you globally into a state of homeostasis and uses your personal Voice-Tone™ for healing purposes.  You receive a customized CD from every session utilizing Dr. Thompson hi-tech and very effective technology.  Bio-Tuning® is life-changing and in some cases life-saving.  It is an awesome experience, safe for the smallest infant to the most frail mature person.  (Pets also enjoy the audio programs made for their owners!)

What brainwave states are used in Bio-Tuning®?
Dr. Thompson follows the natural law of healing and so the brainwave states follow in sequence with the Delta state for physical healing occurring first.  Most everyone has three (3) Delta brain states and so the first three (3) sessions are focused on physical healing.   Some healing is very obvious and almost miraculous, while others are more subtle and manifest in better energy, an overall boost in feeling better, more ability to handle the challenges of life more easily, etc.  Many persons receive chiropractic adjustments when listening to their CDs at home this is because the vertebrae alignment is controlled by the brain and it is the brain which is being balanced here.

In the fourth session, the Theta brain state is used.  This is where emotions and past hurts and traumas are healed.  For many, the Theta brainwave session "thaws" "frozen" feelings from past traumas and hurts.  As the brain state for healing feelings and emotions, the Theta session is very gentle but powerful: insights enhance understanding and realizations come with the “Aha” moments brought about by hemisphere synchronization. Again, the process here is to balance and awaken the "Inner Physician" and allow it to heal and process the stored toxic emotional traumas when it alone knows the system is ready to release them.

The fifth session uses the Alpha brain state where beliefs systems can be righted and one’s purpose of life discovered or more fully uncovered.  De-crystallizing self-defeating, negative belief systems about myself and my ability to be healed, loved and successful is one of the most powerful and personally liberating experiences in the Bio-Tuning® process. 

Please read the Articles on Bio-Tuning®, if you have not done so already.   Bio-Tuning® is a truly wonderful experience.  We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity, to benefit yourself and those who love you.  If planning to be a Neuroacoustic Practitioner or Therapist, please know Bio-Tuning® is a requirement, as noted in the Registry.  You may e-mail or call 760-931-5333 for an appointment. 

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Where are your Seminars held?
The Center for Neuroacoustic Research is located in Encinitas, CA, approximately 30 miles north of San Diego.  Seminars sponsored by CNR are held in Carlsbad or nearby locations.  The exact location is noted on the Registration Form for each Seminar, Intensive, Internship and Certification Program.

Do you ever have Seminars or Workshops other than in California?
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson periodically conducts a Workshop or Seminar at Conferences, Educational Facilities or Corporate locations throughout the country (and in other countries as well). These seminars are special overviews of his discoveries and work with sound and healing.  If the general public is invited and you have subscribed to CNR’s mailing list, you will be notified of such opportunities.  All of Dr. Thompson's practitioner training seminars for the Bio-Tuning® process are held in Carlsbad, California. 

Sound Delivery Equipment

Your Sound Tables and Sound Chairs do not have a price on your website.  Why is that?
Others sell our Dr. Thompson Sound Chair and Sound Table Delivery Systems.  So as not to interfere with their prices and efforts, we have been asked not to place the selling price on the website.  Please e-mail us and we are happy to share the price and ordering instructions.  Each is custom made.

How long does it take to receive a Sound Table or Chair?
This varies with the season, for example, orders are much slower in December than in other months. Generally we are able to ship within a month or less.   We ship as soon as each table or chair is completed.

Do you ship your products outside the United States?
Yes, we ship throughout the world.  We mail CDs to any country which receives mail.  We ship Sound Chairs and Tables, again wherever they can be received.   As one person poignantly remarked, “If Dr. Thompson’s CDs were in every home, the world would be a much better place with happier, more balanced people.” SB, CA – Wife & Mother   (Editor’s Note: We strongly believe this also.  We invite you to join us in this endeavor.)

I Live in the U.K.   Can your Sound Chairs and Tables operate on our power supply?
Because of the voltage and cycle differences in many countries, we generally recommend you purchase the impedance-matched amp/receiver and CD player in your country.   Specifications are given at the time of your order.  The Sound Table and manual Sound Chair need no additional power input.   The electric version of the Sound Chair does require an electrical outlet and thus an adaptor, which we may be able to supply if you request an adaptor.  If you live outside the USA, please indicate this in your e-mail of inquiry and we will e-mail you the information applicable to your area.

How are your light glasses different from others on the market?
The Dr Jeff Audio/Visual Modulator w/ Light Glasses are driven directly from the sound and music you are playing.  Other light glasses are driven by specific programs which "ramp" the flashing of the lights slower or faster to entrain the brainwaves.  When you use the Dr. Jeff A/V Modulator you see what you are hearing.  Since what you are hearing is a compilation of Dr. Thompson's proprietary brainwave technology, his special light glasses translate this to your eyes and cause hemisphere synchronicity in the visual lobes of your brain in sync with the synchronicity of the hearing centers through the headphones. What you see is your own “light show” as determined by the rods and cones on your optic nerve, how your brain interprets the experience.  They are fun, enhance brainwave entrainment, and for many youngsters especially who have visual challenges, there is help.  Every "show" is different even with the same music as we continually change and are at a different place, as it were, each time we use the glasses. You see what you hear…

(Editor’s Note: All of Dr. Thompson's CD's are designed to "Play your Body" with special low frequency sounds throughout the soundtrack. When you listen to these soundtracks on his special sound table or sound chair with headphones and light glasses in place you are "Seeing what you are Hearing; You are Hearing  what you are Feeling; and You are Feeling what you are Seeing" -- synchronizing various parts of your brain.  In a sense, you become the Sound.  This multi-synchronization is an experience not easily forgotten.)

Can any CDs be played through your Light Glasses?
Yes, any CD may be played through the Dr. Jeff Audio/Visual Modulator.  Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's audio programs have the most correct technology for using with the Light Glasses, however, any CD may be used.  Since the proprietary sound pulses in the soundtrack are also driving the lights in the glasses, you get a visual entrainment in sync with the auditory entrainment. This is the reason Dr Thompson had to develop his own glasses. No other glasses on the market provided this pulse-driven ability.  He wanted to offer persons the tools to balance the visual and auditory centers of their brain simultaneously, and thus reap the benefit of that synchronization.   He accomplished that goal by creating the Audio/Visual Modulator with light glasses and making it available to interested parties.   (Editor’s note:  Although we know of no definitive problem, light glasses are generally counter-indicated for persons who have a seizure problem or who suffer from migraine headaches.)


Other Companies / Other CDs on the Market

There are other brain entrainment CDs on the market and other companies which claim to be the best.   How do your CDs and Dr. Thompson’s work compare?
Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A., C.N.S.T. Diplomate
began his exploration of sound when a youngster and continues to pursue every imaginable course with his scientific, research-oriented mind.  Very early on in the 1980’s and independent of anyone else, he discovered and developed his own unique technique for creating binaural beats -- a totally different and very effective technology from what is on the market.  In addition, Dr. Thompson has also created techniques proven to be very safe and extremely effective for his patients, first to gently lock in chiropractic adjustments, then to balance organs, meridians, etc.   These techniques are still unique to Dr. Thompson’s work and different from other work in the marketplace. 

Of course, everyone who markets a product of any kind is going to make the claim that theirs is the best.  As a doctor and with a brilliance enjoyed by his patients, colleagues, friends and audiences around the world who have experienced his seminars, presentations or workshops, Dr. Thompson also knows the anatomy and functioning of the body very well - partly because he put himself through school as a medical illustrator.  He also knows and understands physics and quantum physics, and has a talent of being able to see relationships and how systems work together.   With thousands of patients and volunteers over many years of concentrated effort and clinical research, CNR knows the quality and effectiveness of his work.  Hence, we see no need to compare Dr. Thompson’s work with that of others.  Dr. Thompson’s work speaks for itself and to anyone who uses his CDs, his Sound Table or Sound Chair, his light glasses, etc., or who experiences his Bio-Tuning®.   We know the effectiveness of his work and that it is the best available!!!   We invite you to experiment and see for yourself, however, if you have not done so already.

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